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Serene is a craft and design community-driven sustainable social enterprise striving for artistic excellence with a focus on scaling up small and medium handicraft ventures in tribal pockets of rural India. Serene provides them economic opportunities, design training and entrepreneurship skills and training.

Serene aims to facilitate inclusive growth and development by connecting their artistry and handwork to the global market as well as safeguarding their rights to livelihood and work opportunity. Serene is focused on promoting the rich Indian heritage via handicrafts that is life for the tribal and glory of India, the soul of India.

SERENE is funded and supported by the prestigious National Design Business Incubator, NID.

Utilizing design driven thinking and years of experience in artefact design, social innovation, supply and marketing and IT, Serene provides:

Design Support: Design support to tribal artisans in their own craft to enable them to come up with market based products

Branding and Marketing: Design for Branding and Strategies for Business support to add value to these products and market understanding

Market Linkages: Market linkages via digital and high value channels like real estate, exclusive art and craft outlets for income generation and business growth.

Design innovation, support, training and market linkages have served a great deal in improvising the artisans understanding of innovation in design through market understanding, strategy and innovation. They have started to value their art and working more on it.

Growth, empowerment, well-being and holistic development comes along the way for the artisans as matter of impact created by providing these opportunities with Serene’s strong hand holding and constant support which otherwise would have never been possible for artisans who used to count few percentage increase in their daily income as their success and never knew what market looks like, where it lies and how to scale-up.

Our work in collaboration with the tribals and their rich artistry, has served one more purpose to them, the legacy of craft-persons and the dying craft both are celebrated. The light of hope that this craft will live for years to come is already lit in homes and lives. SERENE constantly strives to understand and empathise with the Tribal Artisans/rural communities and stay connected with them.


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